The Seven Types Of Ladies Handbags Every Woman Should Own

Confession time. How many bags do you own? How many are neatly tucked away, how many are forgotten and how many are un-put-downable? Whether you are a shopaholic or a fashionista, whether you like to dress down or would like to go loud, you cannot go on without a bag. Can you?

So here is the seven types of ladies handbags every woman should own. A bag list that will rescue you in any occasion or season. If you are thinking of bag-shopping, you should definitely make sure that you do not miss out any from our list:

  1. Totes: Yes, Totes should be indispensable from your bag collection. Spacious and convenient, you should have a ready-to-go totes in your wardrobe that will suit any outfit.(Picture description: Bright red pure leather totes from Kudos, INR 4,600/- )
  2. Cross Body Bag: Chic and elegant, you cannot do away your fashion without a cross body bag. Simply elegant, it is the best way to go minimalistic. So wearable and comfortable, it will come in handy during your busy shopping day.
  3. Back-pack: Yes, the old classics are back. Quite suitable for a sunny day out, to match with your casual shorts and jeans, not to forget, it is absolutely convenient to carry around. Don’t forget to own one of these if you don’t already have one.
  4. Satchel: Well structured, organised and classy, satchel bags are well suited for formal occasions and even for a dinner date. Easy to match with your LBDs or your corporate suits, this is a must-add bag.
  5. Evening Clutch: Whether attending gala functions are frequent for you or not, it is necessary for every woman to have a glittering clutch. Clutches are a dazzler with skirts, evening gowns and dresses. Pick a clutch that will easily match with any evening gown and that will hold in all your essentials.
  6. Plain/ Leather Clutch: Well, not everyone loves glitters and nor does every outfit. So, along with the dazzling evening clutch, you should also own a simple leather or plain clutch to add that touch of simplicity!
  7. Bracelet Shoulder Bag: A handbag with a twist of fashion- bracelet shoulder bag. You can also find crossbody with a bracelet strap. These bags are not really big in size neither small. They are big enough to fit all your basic essentials and more but small to carry around your laptops or clothes. Can be matched with both formal and casual wear.

Remember, even if you do not want to splurge in bags, you will need at least these seven bag essentials to keep your bag collection minimal and be well stocked for any occasion.

PARTY CLUTCHES: Know The New Trend!

With the festive season round the corner, it is the time to flaunt an ultimate party clutch that will complete your party dress.
A party clutch is the new trend because it is used by women all over the world to complement their outfits on any occasion! They are a must to accentuate any party attire, it is must to make a mark. When you are carrying it for formal occasion or girls night out, these clutches will definitely boost up your confidence, glamor and give a complete twist to your looks.

Party clutches & evening handbags are the best way to look perfect this season. Decorated with crystal and embellishment, these clutches will give you the stylish and gorgeous look. It’s time to put on your high heels and get ready to hit the dance floor.
Party clutches are available in variety of sizes and even more patterns. Styles mainly ranges from designer, vintage and glam to modern. They are usually in small sizes with the space that can include the most essential belonging such as lip gloss and cell-phone. A clutch that is embellished with sequins, mesh and rhinestone is considered the most desirable party clutch.
The color of clutch bag always steals the spotlight, the more eye-popping, the more outstanding! Besides metallic colors such as gold and silver, there are also other options that can add sparkles to your attire. Most of party clutches are made from fine silk fabrics and leather.
You can easily purchase this type of bag from major shopping malls or simply shop online. Online shopping will however, give you a wide variety and a shopping experience at ease. You can start by checking out our collection!

So what are you waiting for? Shop and flaunt the most fashionable accessory. As party clutches continue to “Wow“ the world, dress up and express yourself in Style!

Find The Perfect Luggage Bag for Your Travel

When you go shopping for luggage, it is very important to look out for the best quality luggage that is affordable. The kind of luggage you pick depends upon the style you need, the type you want and its quality. Also, while purchasing think about how much traveling you do. If you decide to go on a month long holiday you should carry the larger bags. If you travel for business purpose then you need to carry laptop or documents, perhaps a business case which is the best choice. Briefcase are good for those trips whee you need to carry your own laptop, important documents and few clothes. When shopping for luggage that is specific for business travel, you need to take into consideration the amount of time and things that you’ll take along.

Don’t forget about backpacks when shopping for luggage as they are available in many sizes and shapes and can be found even with wheels. Backpacks are perfect for quick getaway for casual travelers and also students. They are easy to grab, just throw on your back and go. Ensure that your luggage bags fits your immediate need and your need in future. Depending on the situation you may have to get different types of bags to fit your need.

While purchasing luggage bags and backpacks there are few important things that you must consider:

  1. Weather proof:  you must decide whether or not you need a whether proof bag. Your bag might come in contact with the rain or snow ad you might want to make sure that your belonging stay safe and protected.
  2. Lock: It depends on you whether or not you require lock for your luggage. If you decide to have lock on your bag, make sure that you have the key ready whenever you need it.
  3. Warranty: When shopping for luggage you must consider those bags that come with warranties.  Another thing, most people often overlook the color of the luggage. When shopping for luggage bags color is very important factor to consider. You should choose bold colors and note that it is perfectly sized.

Bag Trends 2014: 6 Celebrities & Their Precious Attache

So as August hits in, the Tinseltown’s princesses hits the street & the red carpet in style. Ranging from elegant style to casual runaways, their bag collection this year round has been varied! Well yes! As the fashion industry gets into war between Street-wear & Luxury-wear, here is Kudos Fashions trying to accomplish all style of ladies handbags to feed the fashion appetite!



Importance of Bangle Box

When the elegant Indian Saree dates as far back as 5000 years ago, I wonder if Bangle Boxes also dates as far back as that? The earliest recorded appearance of bangle is however in 2600 BC, so then how did they preserve their bangles? Well, we will leave that to the history and fashion enthusiast to find out. Lets instead, talk about how important it is to have a bangle box.

If you are fond of wearing traditional attires (Especially if you are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh), then you must own many set of gorgeous bangles. So how are you keeping them safe?

Bangle boxes are important because it will keep your bangles away from dust, color fading and from breaking too. Colorful glass bangles sometimes loses its lustre when they are not safely tucked away in a safe box. Another care to be taken care of with glass bangles is that when you chose a bangle stand and you accidentally brush it down, everything will break into pieces.

With the growing internet culture, you can now simply order online the bangle boxes owing to the many bangle box manufacturers in market now. Ranging from different materials used to designs, different size and colors, the choices are varied. Bangles boxes are mostly created with different compartments with respect to the rods used. For example, a bangle box of three rods, four rods or even a single rod and so on.

Wooden bangle box are classy but inconvenient when it comes to opting in for travel. There are also plastic bangle box with silk used in the rod. This may sound convenient to carry as it is light, but it definitely doesn’t sound safe at all.

Internet indeed gives you a wide option for glassworks too. A bangle box embellished with glass beads, sparkling as sun rays falls on them- it is a charm. I would suggest you to keep it because your pretty bangles definietly deserves a grand resting place.

Having said all these, I would suggest leather bangle box as the most convenient box. Be it for using it in the house or taking it with you in travel, it will be absolutely convenient. This will be a classic addition to any leather lovers too.

You can check out the leather bangle box from Kudos (, a bangle box of pure leather. They are simple and elegant. Designed as two rod and four rod bangle box, their box gives you a maximum storage place. Another plus point is, it is study hard cover, well stitched and will keep your bangles away from dust, & any other harm’s way. (You can visit Kudos showroom or simply order it online)

Having discussed all these, next time you think of buying a bangle box you will realize that choosing bangles boxes are going to be just a click away.


Buy ladies handbags online

There are number of stores online that are providing trendy and high quality designer ladies bags which are available at an affordable rates.

Very few women are indifferent about the way they look when they are going out. For most part, ladies enjoy looking great and consider traveling with good looking handbags an absolute necessity. In today’s generation almost everyone have an idea of what a perfect handbags looks like and they soon hope to have it hanging it from their arm. Some ladies love glitz, while others are driven to plain basic canvas tote and yet still there are some that absolutely adore something unique and different from others. There are some fantastic and attractive purses available that are even embellished with paint, some unique stones and other antique artwork.

Of all the ladies in the world, that have unique and elegant sense of style and a good idea of what they would like to have as a handbag , most of them have never though of making their own purses or handbags. Yet still there are some that can be given thought to it and wondering what gave them an idea  to design purses. Handbags have been as popular as jewelry. Every woman has one or more bag, that they can carry with different styles of handbags in  different occasion. This will definitely help you to show your own style and make you look different.

There are million option available to choose from when looking for a handbag. However , if you require one that is contemporary in looks, is chic and fashionable and made up of good quality leather or fabric, kudos fashions is the best answer. Kudos fashion has been regarded as one of the best brand that is selling best quality handbags designed by top designers and the collection have been saved over and sought after. The handbags line has attracted many women as customers and has made the already thriving business more successful. There are number of website on the internet which provide all the relevant and important information about the handbags available online sale. So, it is easy for the customers to conveniently browse through the products with a single click while reading reviews about products and purchase the item of their choice with complete ease and effortlessness.


Summer Collection

Is it not just annoying when you cannot find the right bag to match your attire? And with the changing trends, its definitely hard to keep up! So here is a little know-how from us about the latest summer collections of bags that are in vogue.

Did you know? The large Borough bag is back in fashion! Its a perfect fit for casual as well as formal wear with slim fit pants and a loose shirt. Of course, with its incredibly high price, its a little hard to always own it.

Straight lined boxy clutches are never out of fashion. The latest Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2014: Bags of ELLE itself has wide collections to show off. Easy to match with floral dresses and even solid colored dresses, your clutches may save your day.

The short strap duffled shaped bags are also doing the rounds.  In case you are wondering how you should carry it, it is best adorned when hooked over the arm and stylishly pressed against the hip. You can also check out our eclectic summer collection of this design.

Well, oversize totes bag with long straps! Yes, so easy to carry around and so much room. It is still in! Just make sure that the straps are shortened  so that it wouldn’t bump along your calves. There you go, all ready to rock.

We keep up with latest trends and make sure our collections are varied and unique. From totes to clutches, our summer collections bags might just be the ones you are looking for. Don’t forget to check out.



Kudos Fashions is the hottest one-stop- shop for all kind of fashion handbags. The store showcases the right fashion at the right price, taking the fashion game to the next level. As you change your attire daily, mix and match a stylish clutch with day’s ensemble. You can jazz up a simple outfit with Kudos glamorous clutch or strike a pose with glamorous evening handbag. To add ethnic edge, accessorize your Indian outfits with traditional box clutches from Kudos Fashions when heading for a wedding function to look graceful.

Clutches give you the complete benefit to store your items and add value to your personality. They are designed so wonderfully that others are just dazzled by its material, design, shape and handicraft work. They’re made up of everything from wood to perspex. You can even find them in faux leather, snake print or basic classic leather. Most of them have embellishments and they’re made up of materials like crystals, gold and silver. From glitter to shimmer, Kudos Fashions offers a fabulous range in store and selected clutch bags online too. Most of these clutch bags also have attachable shoulder straps too, so if you’re not a massive fan of holding on to a clutch bag, then it ‘s a great advantage. Upgrade your wardrobe with most trendy pieces to get the most authentic and modern look for every occasion.

clutches 2


Ladies Purse

Get your fashion fixed with outstanding unparalleled selection of designer handbags from Kudos Fashions. The outstanding collection of ladies purses from Kudos Fashions is extremely elegant and sophisticated. Discover collection from sophisticated leather purses to casual chic styled purses, we’re sure to help you find the best handbag. Made from soft supple leather, these purses have a stylish new design that’s perfect to help you to stay organized. Kudos handbags offers plenty of space for everything you need in hand. Stepped with functionality to ensure all your cards and cash are stylishly organized, our purses offers luxurious solution for your needs. Add a touch of finesse and style to your personality with one of Kudos handbags.

Our products are made up of authentic leather of highest quality and represents the value for money. The collection compromises of women’s purses of different colors and design to choose from; Every handbag from kudos Fashions is a top grade quality piece with distinctive finishing to create an attractive version. Be prepared to be carried away by our extravagant collection of leather handbags this season. Flaunt your style and carry your world with you with these trendy and spacious ladies purses. Choose wisely and your handbag will accentuate your outfit and your overall look.


Ladies Handbags

A well – designed and sophisticated handbag matching with dress is every fashionista’s dream. A handbag hung on women shoulder doesn’t just carry important items, but also adds up to complete look and style. Kudos Fashions collection comprises of coveted designer satchels, totes, sleek sling bags, practical shoulder bags to classy clutches and wallets ensuring to provide you with the best purse to match most of your outfits. From classy shades to vibrant colors, you can buy handbags of your choice to elevate your style status in all occasions. The classic handbags with posh appeal compliments all looks. Carry them to your workplace, family function or a dinner date with your partner, these handbags suits all occasions. As a brand, Kudos Fashions understands women’s need for sophistication, elegance and simplicity.

Step out in style with attractive and elegant handbags to let people guess the secrets of your fashion statement. There are number of handbags available on Kudos online store, select the one that would complement your figure and go with most of your outfits. Enjoy the shopping spree, with the handbags that have great resistiblity and durability.